Thrustmaster Hints at Upcoming Hardware for VR Sim Gamers

Making the VR gaming experience more immersive will remain a pressing issue for some time to come. Thankfully, it seems various manufacturers aim to make positive changes happen. Thrustmaster, for example, wants to introduce a new headset and controller system. Those products are aimed at professional pilots and drivers first and foremost.

Thrustmaster Enters the VR Space

Video gaming enthusiasts all over the world will be familiar with Thrustmaster. This company has been building and selling peripherals for quite some time now. As such, it makes perfect sense for the company to introduce some new hardware for virtual reality enthusiasts With the goal of making the available content more immersive, the company embarks on an interesting mission.

Unlike other VR hardware manufacturers, Thrustmaster has a clear niche market in mind. Their new tools will be designed for simulation gamers first and foremost. Anyone flying a plane, helicopter, or other vehicles in VR will benefit from the company’s new hardware. This includes a new VR headset, as well as controller systems designed for enhanced controls in driving and flight simulators.

Thrustmaster spokesperson Tim Gorham comments:

“So, we offer our products to real racers and real pilots. We’re licensed by the US Air Force who uses our gear as well as VR and as well as many of the game companies that we work with, to be able to train their pilots. Because sim games plus VR, plus Thrustmaster gear, it really is as close to authentic as it can possibly be.”

For the time being, there aren’t too many details regarding these new products. It is good to see a respected manufacturer such as Thrustmaster jump on these new opportunities. For virtual reality to become mainstream, the overall experience will need to be enhanced first and foremost.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.