Varjo Continues to Make Progress on “Human Eye-Level” VR Vision

It has become apparent there’s plenty of room for improvements in the VR headset industry. Especially where the headset’s resolution is concerned, the current offerings aren’t even close to what the human eye can perceive. Varjo claims they will be able to change that once and for all.

Improving the VR Ecosystem

While it is commendable to see companies such as Varjo try to make an impact on VR headsets, fulfilling the promises will not be easy. More specifically, the company claims they can improve the resolution of headsets in such a way viewers will see content on the same level as their eyes would normally operate. Introducing this high degree of realism will be a major hurdle to overcome.

The Finnish firm is building its own VR headset to offer this new functionality. Introducing more crispness to both images and videos will certainly make VR a lot more appealing. Despite the growing advancements in this particular industry altogether, the blurriness associated with viewing VR objects is not gone by any means. Experts predicted achieving such a degree of realism was still about a decade away.

Varjo claims they can take advantage of the human vision. That sounds strange, but it’s not exactly impossible. Our eyes always view a small area of focus at the “best” resolution” By translating this concept to VR technology, a whole new form of technology can be created with little effort. Varjo’s headset has two displays, although only one shows the full view of the virtual world at all times. The other offers a small field of view but in a much higher resolution.

Although this concept has been touched upon before it appears Varjo is making big strides in their research. Although there is still no official release date for the new headset, the company plans to enter full production in late 2018. A headset will cost at least $5,000, which is well outside of most consumers’ budgets. As more time progresses, these units will undoubtedly become a lot cheaper.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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