Varjo’s $6,000 VR Headset is not for Consumers

Consumers are not too happy about the price tag of VR headsets. Considering how this hefty price tag will not automatically warrant a great experience, it is not hard to see where they come from. Instead of countering the problem, Varjo has done the exact opposite. Their new $6,000 headset packs quite the punch, but hardly anyone can afford it.

Not a VR Headset for Consumers

Varjo is a Finnish startup which wants to focus on virtual reality. The company has now revealed its first VR headset. While it is quite a powerful device, it is not designed for consumers either. Instead, the company targets the industrial market for VR. That would also explain why the company charges $6,000 for their VR-1 headset.

Under the hood of this unit, there is some very powerful hardware. It effectively allows for viewing things in virtual reality with the same level of quality and perception as the human eye. Other manufacturers have not come close to realizing this feat of strength. Its resolution is 20 times higher compared to other devices on the market. It also has far more advanced eye-tracking capabilities which can be sued for many industrial use cases.

Launching such an expensive device right now is a big gamble. It has once again become apparent growth in consumer VR is very fragile. On the industrial side of the spectrum, however, it seems the interest continues to rise. As such, Varjo is intent on targeting those clients. For them, the price tag will be less of an issue if the device can suit their specific needs.

For the time being, Varjo has no plans to lower the price or cater to consumers with this device. While that situation can change, it is unlikely to happen anytime soon. The company raised $46m in funding. Moreover, they plan to introduce mixed reality components to the headset later in 2019.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.