Virtual Reality Hardware and Nintendo Switch Boost 2017 UK Video Game Sales

The video game industry seems to be in a pretty good place as of right now. Last year’s sales saw new heights across the United Kingdom. With a record turnover of 5 billion GBP, things look rather promising  It seems tow of the major catalysts are virtual reality and the Nintendo Switch.

VR Boosts UK Video Game Sales

It is always interesting to keep an eye on how the video game industry is performing. Especially in the United Kingdom, as the region is home to many passionate gamers. It’s also not surprising to see a lot of consumers in this region show a keen interest in virtual reality technology as of right now. Together with the Nintendo Switch, the VR industry has boosted overall video game sales in the UK to a revenue of 5 billion GBP in 2017.

Sales across the board have been going up steadily over the past few years. 2017 Was an extremely positive for consoles, games, and VR headset sales in general. Although this latter part is a bit of a surprise, it does go to show there is a genuine interest in virtual reality altogether. Compared to 2016, last year’s revenue was up by 12.4%, which is pretty impressive. The console market mainly thrives thanks to the Nintendo Switch, although the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X also posted rather positive numbers.

What is of great interest to a lot of people is how consumers approach VR technology in a completely different way. Over 100 million GBP was spent on VR headsets for the first time. Although previous years had also seen interesting revenue numbers for VR headsets, 2017 was a far better year and beat expectations by quite a margin. If this trend continues, things will certainly get a lot more interesting moving forward.

It is also worth noting the increasing interest in VR headsets sparks additional GPU sales. Powerful computers are needed to operate in VR, yet without an expensive graphics card, such a goal is virtually unattainable. This is part of the reason why GPU hardware sales were also quite high in 2017. The coming years will be pretty interesting for VR sales in general, with more competition on the market and the second generation of headsets becoming accessible.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.