VR-based Shooting Ranges may Come to Market Fairly Soon

Although numerous VR use cases exist already, plenty of opportunities have yet to be explored. A virtual reality shooting range, for example, may be coming to market sooner rather than later. This particular venture is being explored by J&F Alliance Group in Hampton.

Shooting Range Practice in VR

In the United States, shooting ranges are a pretty common sight. For law enforcement officials and soldiers, that is a more than welcome sight. At the same time, a shooting range is quite cumbersome to visit and use at times. Something needs to change in this regard and J&F Alliance Group may have the answer to this pressing problem.

The Hampton-based company is currently putting trainees in a virtual environment to hone their responses and test their reaction times. By tapping VR for shooting range training, eligible parties can hone their skills at any given time and in any given location. Their new training device uses NASA-developed brain-computer interface technologies to provide real-time biofeedback while firing a virtual gun.

Under the BioPhyS banner, this new prototype is currently being explored by police agents and soldiers alike. A working model is expected to launch in late 2018, albeit no official timeline has been proposed at this time. Commercializing this technology is a slow process first and foremost.

More importantly, the company isn’t building this unit for financial gain. Instead, the company sees merit in this solution for police departments, fire departments, and the Armed Forces. They simply want to ensure the people upholding the law can handle stressful situations and achieve a higher state of alertness at all times.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.