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VR Enthusiasts Being Offered a Virtual Tour of Egyptian Queen’s Tomb

Owing to a host of ‘conservation-related’ concerns that have surrounded Egyptian Queen Nefertari (who died some 3,000 years ago), her tomb has been largely sealed off and kept restricted from the public.

However, as per a news report published in Live Science, Nefertari’s resting place will now be transformed into a virtual kingdom which can be explored in all of its majesty by enthusiasts from the comfort of their homes.

More about the project

Aptly titled, Nefertari: Journey to Eternity, this latest project is a collaboration between streaming service CuriosityStream and VR developer Experius. In order to recreate the tomb, three experts were sent down to the location to carry out mapping and 3D scanning activities.

According to an official press release, after overlapping thousands of DSLR photographs as well as interpolating countless high-res images on top of each other, the team was able to recreate an ultra-realistic VR environment that accurately depicts the Queen’s final resting place.

Lastly, it is also worth noting that the VR experience, which can be downloaded on Steam and Viveport, not only lets viewers roam inside Nefertari’s tomb but also features a host of interactive elements that share details of the site’s history, art, and construction.

In Closing

While Journey to Eternity may be available for free online, users need to possess a Vive headset to enjoy the experience. However, as per a spokesperson for the project, Emma Tiernon, CuriosityStream is now looking to make the tour compatible with other widely available headsets in the market today.

By Shiraz Jagati

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