VRCade Atom Will Make Location-based VR Even More Popular

There is a bright future ahead for location-based VR. With this industry expected to grow by leaps and bounds over the next few years, new developments are worth keeping an eye on.  VRStudios is making some inroads in this regard with the VRCade Atom. A very interesting take on VR booths, but one that doesn’t require a powerful and expensive infrastructure.

The VRCade Atom is Worth Paying Attention To

It has become more than apparent consumers have taken a shine to location-based VR offerings. Even though these users may not necessarily buy VR headsets themselves, such offerings provide a convenient and cheap gateway. VRStudios is looking to reduce the footprint of VR booths and arcades. This concept comes in the form of the VRcade Atom, which looks pretty neat and cool.

Designed as a commercial wireless VR system, it is a pretty intriguing creation. This turnkey solution will mainly appeal to VR arcades and stores looking to provide a VR gaming experience without a major upfront investment. These units are a bit cheaper compared to traditional solutions, and it features location-based entertainment capabilities.

This is the first unit of its kind to combine powerful computing hardware, HMD technology, wireless transmission, and positional tracking. All of these features are of incredible importance to the VR industry, With the VRcade Atom combining them all into a convenient package, the future looks bright for VR arcades.

It is also worth noting the VRcade Atom supports curated titles licensed from Steam. They can be installed with ease, although not all titles are supported. Even so, the Atom units can create proper multiplayer experiences, and be relocated in a matter of minutes. It goes to show location-based VR is a growing business, and things will only continue to improve from here on out.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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