What is a Data Glove?

One aspect of virtual reality which needs improvements is the way hands are tracked. More specifically, not every VR user will use dedicated controllers to make gestures. By implementing concepts such as a data glove, tracking hand movements becomes a lot easier. This will also create a more immersive experience for virtual reality enthusiasts.

Data Glove Technology is Valuable

Even though most VR manufacturers focus on proprietary controllers, they may need to think outside the box in the future. More specifically, these controllers are handy but quite expensive. Plus, they only work with one particular brand of VR hardware. It is not possible to use HTC Vive controllers while wearing a Samsung Gear VR, for example. A universal solution could be quite beneficial at this stage.

This is where the data glove comes into the picture. This particular type of hardware functions as a regular glove, but is equipped with sensors. Said sensors can then be used to track hand movements. Translating this information into new ways of interacting with virtual objects will be quite challenging. Then again, it means users only need to buy one data glove for different platforms, assuming manufacturers would agree to such a standard.

A data glove can transmit a lot of useful information to the VR headset. Vibrations, motions, and forces can all be sent from the glove to the VR headset. Additionally, the data glove can also receive similar types of information. For example, if you push a  box in VR, you would expect to feel some resistance. A data glove can provide that degree of haptic feedback with ease.

Some companies are working on data gloves for virtual reality as we speak. It is unclear if any of these products can even gain mainstream traction moving forward, though. Then again, most consumers are not too keen on buying VR hardware in general. Until virtual reality becomes a mainstream trend, data gloves will not be embraced anytime soon. It is good to know the technology exists, though, as it provides some interesting advantages.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.