Windows Mixed Reality Hasn’t Been a big Success so far

Windows Mixed Reality is considered to be a major development in the world of newer technology. Unfortunately, there is still a big content gap to contend with. Even full-fledged SteamVR support isn’t convincing too many people right now. Is this another case of technology being released well ahead of its time to shine?

Windows Mixed Reality Fails to Impress

To put this into its proper perspective, Windows Mixed Reality is a godsend in many different ways. From a convenience point of view, it is by far the simplest technology to set up. It also has the most potential compared to VR and AR. This hybrid approach between both existing technologies will lead to a whole new level of immersion and content to enjoy.

Unfortunately, it is the lack of proper content which hurts Windows Mixed Reality. Although Microsoft is quite pleased with the headset being released, there aren’t too many games to benefit from. In fact, there isn’t much to do after a week or two of playing around with the headset. The company’s decision to enable proper SteamVR support was considered to be a smart decision.

Unfortunately, this decision has not played out well either. While the Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets offer powerful technology under the hood, it is evident they are not being utilized to its full potential. It’s also priced rather fair, which is something a lot of consumers will appreciate. Combined with well-designed controllers, the hardware is in place to make Windows Mixed Reality succeed in the years to come.

Even so, the available content – limited as it may be – simply fails to impress. It isn’t sufficient to convince consumers to spend $400 or more on a headset they won’t dust off three weeks in. There are still some annoying glitches as well, usually resulting in a very abysmal experience. Even the SteamVR support isn’t working exactly as it should, butt hat situation can still be improved upon in the future.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.