Women in the Metaverse, How Can Women Break Into the Industry and Become VR Creators

This month is Women’s history month, and today, on March 8th, we observe Internation Women’s Day, which celebrates women’s cultural, economic, social, and political achievements. With the Metaverse being a relatively new concept, it’s essential to ensure that marginalized and underrepresented groups feel welcome and have an opportunity to access the future of tech. This article looks at how women can break into the industry, become VR creators, and start their journey into the Metaverse.

Today, Meta released a YouTube video interviewing six incredible women building the Metaverse, discussing some opportunities and tips for women to immerse themselves in the virtual world.

Meta’s Metaverse Culture Series was hosted by Maxine Williams, Global Chief Diversity Officer at Meta, and included Mary Spio, Founder and CEO of CEEKVR, Candice Houtekier, Founder at Art Collison, Michaela-Ternasky Holland, VR Creative Strategist & Impact Producer, Ang’l Artiste, Artist & Horizon Worlds Creator, and Mary Matheson, VR Creator & Film Director.

What Is the Metaverse Exactly?

Many people are still confused about the Metaverse and what exactly it is. The “Metaverse” sounds like a sci-fi term. However, Michaela described it as “digital reality” that’s an extension of your physical reality.

One can think of the Metaverse as another reality that coexists with the physical world we all live in. The Metaverse is the extension of the digital reality, and it goes beyond just having your computer.

Moreover, Candice pointed out that the Metaverse is a concept explored many years ago via platforms like Roblox or Minecraft, which also constitute Metaverse experiences.

How Can Women Get Started With the Metaverse?

When Maxine asked the group, “what are some of the tips that women can break into this industry and become VR creators,” Mary said:

“We have to take our responsibility as female leaders in this new industry to make sure we bring other women with us and to make sure that people from underrepresented groups also feel like they can belong and access this.”

Mary’s advice to women that might be interested in joining the Metaverse is to “just go for it.” Everyone is still starting as the Metaverse is a brand new concept. Everyone is making mistakes, and nobody knows what they’re doing. The Metaverse is a fun and welcoming place, and women are encouraged to dive in!

In addition, Michaela pointed out that when she was first interested in getting into the Metaverse, she joined several Facebook groups. Michaela said:

“There’s so many incredible Facebook groups and online forums for women to find other women who work in this space, and I have found jobs, I have given away jobs, I have posted about opportunities in these groups.”

Suppose you’re interested and you know nothing. In that case, Michaela recommends starting with Facebook groups and online forums to get an idea of what to expect and get feedback on any possible ideas you might have when starting businesses in the Metaverse.

Start by telling others what you’re passionate about and interested in, and you’re bound to find the right fit in those forums.

On another note, Mary emphasized the importance of buying a VR headset and experiencing the Metaverse through a high-quality headset. She said, “there’s really no going back.”

In addition, experiencing the Metaverse through a headset will make you think about what you want to experience that maybe you currently aren’t seeing, which could be an excellent opportunity for a business or passion you can start in the virtual world.

Women are encouraged to dive into the Metaverse and explore the vast number of ripe opportunities for the taking. The Metaverse is a welcoming place, and we recommend anyone interested to dive in. Keep in mind you don’t have to purchase a headset. Anyone with a laptop can start experiencing the Metaverse and all it has to offer.

Check out Meta’s Women Beyond episode of its Metaverse Culture Series for the complete discussion regarding women in the Metaverse:

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.