World’s First VR Recording of a Brain Surgery is now on Youtube

Virtual reality technology can be of great value to the medical sector in many different ways. Whether it is for training purposes or as a way to document surgeries, the possibilities are virtually endless. The world’s first VR-filmed brain surgery is now effectively recorded. It is evident this recording will be used to train medical students in the present and future. Whether or not this will set a new precedent, remains to be determined, though.

A 360-Degree VR Brain Surgery

For anyone not active in the medical sector, a VR recording of a brain surgery wouldn’t be overly appealing whatsoever. For medical students, on the other hand, the concept makes a lot of sense. Barts Health NHS Trusts’ Alex Alamri acknowledges there is a growing need for more video material in this regard. Virtual reality presents some interesting opportunities in this regard, all of which will be explored in the years to come. Especially when it comes to neurosurgery, VR can prove to be invaluable

Various surgeons performed the first brain surgery recorded in VR last week. This surgery took place at The Royal London Hospital in collaboration with FundamentalVR. A 360-degree camera was used in the operating theatre while the surgeons all wore GoPros strapped to their heads. Capturing such a remarkable procedure can prove to be invaluable for future medical students all over the world. There is always a need for more neuro surgeons, yet the lack of training material can make it difficult for them to get a proper hands-on experience.

It is rather interesting how this VR record is available on YouTube. It is best viewed with a VR headset, though, but anyone in the world can effectively see the surgery unfold in front of them. That is, assuming you aren’t queasy when it comes to looking at a human brain being operated on. What is interesting is how this video starts with the patient being wheeled into the operating room and transferred to the operating table.

It is evident the project itself is done meticulously with careful attention to details. Viewers can see the procedure itself, as well as all of the pre-surgery requisites being performed by the team. During the procedure, two aneurysms were clipped, which is a rather invasive surgery, to say the least. However, everything went according to plan and the added hardware did not cause any issues for the surgeons whatsoever. Although it is not the first time a brain surgery is recorded, it is the first of this kind recorded in virtual reality.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.