Zeiss VR One Conenct Brings Vive and Rift Games to Mobile Devices

Being able to play virtual reality games without expensive equipment has proven to be rather difficult. Zeiss, a company well worth keeping an eye on, has come up with a solution in this regard. The VR One Connect can effectively run both Vive and Oculus games without people needing to own either of these headsets, which is rather interesting. For the price of $130, this new gadget claims to offer

The Zeiss VR One Connect is Pretty Intriguing

There is a huge market for VR gamers, even though a lot of the games are limited to specific platforms. While we see a lot of games being released for both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift at the same time, both of these VR headsets are still pretty expensive. Despite the recent price dips of both products, the average consumer will prefer something less expensive first and foremost. This is where the Weiss VR One Connect comes into the picture.

To be more specific, this new gadget seemingly has the capability to play both Vive and Rift gamer son the same headset. They already have a VR headset on the market – known as the VR One Plus priced at $46 – the One Connect is not an actual headset. Instead, it is a dongle which provides cross-platform VR experiences without having to buy a $400 VR headset. An interesting business model, although it remains to be seen how the general public will respond to this new product.

With this new Zeiss dongle, users can effectively use Steam VR on their mobile phone. Only iPhones on iOS 10 or higher and Android 7.0 phones can be used as of right now. Any mobile VR headset is compatible, including the Google Cardboard or the Zeiss VR One Plus. Once a user buys a game on Steam, they can have the VR content streamed to their mobile phone without any issues. The VR One Connect even has two native controllers to let users navigate the game.

One of the main things to keep in mind is how real roomscale will not work with this solution. Some games may not even be playable as they are not optimized for mobile VR headsets whatsoever. At the same time, the image quality of most games will degrade a bit as well, yet it does offer a more than acceptable solution for people looking to explore the VR gaming world for the very first time.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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