Additional Details of Dreamscape Immersive’s VR Venture Surface

There are still a lot of questions waiting to be answered where the VR industry is concerned. Especially in terms of getting more people excited about this technology, any and every option needs to be explored. While location-based virtual reality is a somewhat popular industry, it remains to be seen how things will evolve in the months and years to come.

Dreamscape Immersive has big Plans

It is not the first time the name of Dreamscape Immersive makes headlines in conjunction with virtual reality. The startup has tremendous expectations for location-based VR and they are doubling down on their efforts. By opening a permanent location in a Los Angeles mall, the company further confirms its vision for the future. This new “experience” will combine a movie theater with a theme park in an innovative manner.

Although customers need to pony up $20 per person, they will get a lot in return. More specifically, all customers will get their own backpack, headset, and sensors to experience the immersive storylines offered by Dreamscape. Every experience lasts between twenty and twenty-five minutes, which makes the price tag more than acceptable first and foremost. All of the hardware involved costs thousands of dollars, thus it is only normal the initial price will be rather steep.

Dreamscape CEO Bruce Vaughn explains it as follows:

“We believe that location-based VR is the tip of the spear as it were for the entire VR industry. It will get people exposed to how unique this medium can be and also those of us who create it, we are learning the capability as well. It’s the first time that the technology has come together, not just the backpacks the headsets and the tracking, but even the physical optics in a way that we can really learn the vocabulary of this new medium.”

Although this project has plenty of backing, it will not necessarily be successful either. While there is a good chance there will be some initial interest, keeping customers engaged is a different matter altogether. Three experiences to pick from is not necessarily a solid long-term business model. Even so, ventures like these can improve the overall appeal of VR. To date, the industry continues to struggle across the board with little improvement in sight.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.