HTC Taps Christianity to Save its VR Business Model

It has become increasingly difficult for VR hardware manufacturers to tap into new audiences. HTC, a company somewhat struggling in this regard, has identified a new potential demographic. The company wants to tap into the Christian faith to bring virtual reality to the masses. An interesting approach, although one that might need a miracle to succeed.

Is There Room for Spiritual Reality?

On paper, the concept of mixing beliefs with technology usually doesn’t end well for either party involved. The Christian belief has been around for several decades, yet it has never truly embraced innovation in a meaningful manner. Its latest “development” came in the 15th century when Bibles were printed on a large scale. There have also been some TV-oriented ventures, albeit none of those have catered to the masses in a meaningful way.

If HTC is to be believed, there is a target audience for virtual reality among followers of the Christian faith. It is a bit unclear where this sentiment comes from all of a sudden, although any option is worth exploring these days. A few minor ventures have been explored already, although they have not turned into a long-lasting success either.

For the time being, the company’s Vive Studios is focusing its attention on 7 Miracles. It is a new VR film which brings religion to the flock in a virtual form. While it is a full-feature film, the separate vignettes offer some interesting stories on their own. Every single vignette focuses on Jesus’ miracles and lets viewers experience them up close and personal. For true Christians, this is an experience too good to pass up on.

The main question, as always, is whether or not this is an option worth pursuing further. The Christian faith has billions of followers around the globe. As such, it is a pretty interesting target audience for virtual reality technology and experiences. For HTC, this seems to be a Hail Mary to save their dying VR venture. Only time will tell if their prayers will be answered.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.