Anvio VR Turns a Moscow Warehouse Into an Impressive Virtual Reality Zombie Shooting Experience

No one will deny the virtual reality industry offers tremendous potential for innovation and new experiences. In Russia, the Anvio VR multi-player attraction proves to be something of a whole new caliber. The company turns an abandoned warehouse into a full-fledged zombie apocalypse survival experience. Teams of four people can go toe-to-toe in zombie shooter City Z.

Anvio Does VR on a Larger Scale

One thing that can make or break a VR experience is whether or not game developers make users believe they are in a different world. All visual and auditory impulses need to click to make this experience believable. Unfortunately, most VR games fall short in this regard, as they do not necessarily hinge on players effectively moving around at home.While roomscale games try to change that, users are still confined in most cases. This is where Russia’s Anvio does things very differently and in impressive fashion to boot.

To be more specific, the company turned a former warehouse in Moscow into a free-roam VR multi-player experience. Players can explore a space of 2,150 square feet in virtual reality while fighting through hordes of zombies. This experience lasts for around 30 minutes and has been well received by players so far. There is a small pre-show and a debriefing after the event, which makes everything look and feel far more professional than what we can experience at home.

The game users play is called City Z, which is a multi-level zombie shooter. The game itself transports the player to a whole new world devastated by the apocalypse. Having the option to move around in real life like you would in the game takes the immersion factor to a whole new level. Every story of the building correlates to a new scenario for players to tackle. With so much space to move around in, players will not bump into one another either.

Company CEO Iskhakov plans to bring this experience to other regions of the world as well. To do so, Anvio will need willing partners, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Right now, it appears a location in London will be added to the list in the near future, which is pretty interesting. Moreover, the whole VR experience supports full-body tracking thanks to a specifically designed kit. A very cool concept that may finally put virtual reality on the radar of the average person on the street moving forward.

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By Marat Arguinbaev

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