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Dreamworks Voltron VR Chronicles Review – Great for Fans Albeit Rather Expensive

Bringing a well-known franchise to a virtual reality game is not necessarily an easy feat. Voltron is a character most people have come across at some point in their life. Digital Domain Interactive has brought Voltron to the VR industry as a PlayStation VR game. Dreamworks Voltron VR Chronicles is a pretty interesting experience, although it feels more like watching the Netflix show than an actual game. For the price of $14.99, it is not exactly what we had expected, though.

DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles is Disappointing

On the outset, any game with VR Chronicles in the name will either be a big hit or a major miss. In this particular case, it is a bit of both, although no one can accurately call it a “game” by any standards. Half of the time plays out as an interactive experience, whereas the gaming part is kept very simple. Users need two PS VR controllers to solve puzzles along the way. There is a bit of combat in the game as well, which is a nice touch to the overall experience.

As one would expect, DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles is not the longest of “experiences” by any means. It is certainly longer than a regular episode of the show on Netflix. That is a good thing, otherwise it would have made for an appalling experience. Then again, the game can be completed in about 45 minutes, which makes it a rather expensive product considering we pay $14.99 for it. Fans of the series will thoroughly enjoy this offering, but the rest of the world may not necessarily look to pay full price.

Thankfully, the presentation of the game makes up for a lot of shortcomings. Everything looks crisp and clean, which is something most other VR developers can learn a thing or two from. There are a few interesting cutscenes as well to take into account, and communicating with other team members is handled in such an excellent way. Additionally, the voices are all done by the TV show’s actors, which makes the game a valuable addition to the Voltron legacy as a whole.

While it is clearly a VR offering for fans of the genre, the rest of the player base will be pretty disappointed overall. Not because the content itself isn’t good, but it is very simplistic and offers no replay value whatsoever. Fans of the franchise will have no issue to pay $14.99 for this brief experience, but everyone else will have a tough time pulling the trigger. While it is a great interactive experience, it is not a game whatsoever. An interesting in-between offering in this regard, that much is certain.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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