Samsung is Allegedly Building a Windows 10 VR Headset

Most VR users know Samsung for their Gear VR headset. This device has been well received by virtual reality enthusiasts experiencing this industry through a mobile device. However, it seems the manufacturer is also partnering with Microsoft. One Twitter source confirms there is a Samsung Windows 10 VR headset in development right now. It does not appear this new product affects the partnership between Samsung and Oculus, though.

Samsung’s Windows 10 VR Headset is Real

A lot of people are surprised to learn Samsung is focusing on VR and Mixed Reality. More specifically, the company is seemingly involved in developing a headset for Windows Mixed Reality. That in itself is surprising, although not entirely unexpected. Some leaked images have surfaced, although it is doubtful these effectively represent the final product.  The pictures in question all bare the Windows Mixed Reality branding, though, which is a clear indication of what the hardware will be used for.

Judging by these images, it is evident the headset comes with two proprietary controllers. The all-black color scheme looks pretty boring, but it is what we have come to expect from the HMD industry as of late. There also appear to be the two front-facing sensors on the “goggles’ themselves. Although their purpose remains unclear, it is likely they will be used for inside-out positional tracking. Other Windows VR headsets use similar technology and hardware to achieve that goal.

Other than that, there is nothing particularly out of the ordinary compared to other Windows 10 VR headsets. There is a head ring and a Samsung logo on the back of the headband. Other than that, it looks pretty much like all other Windows 10 VR headsets we have seen to date. Do keep in mind these pictures are not officially shared by Samsung and the ultimate design may look very different from what is shared on Twitter. One thing that is different is the built-in headphones, which other similar units do not offer right now.

The bigger question is how much this alleged Samsung Windows 10 VR headset will cost. The built-in headphones indicate it will not be cheap. Considering how the Gear VR is fairly cheap, it makes sense Samsung wants to offer a high-end headset as well. Only time will tell whether or not Samsung is effectively working on such a product and what the price is. Assuming it is real, expect a $459 price tag or higher, based on the limited information we have today.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.