Anyone can Play Nintendo Switch Games in VR as of Right now!

Ever since the Nintendo Switch console was launched, there has been a lot of initial excitement. However, it seems the overall hype has started to calm down quite a bit. That may be about to change very soon, as it now turns there is an option to experience virtual reality. That is rather interesting, considering Nintendo has no official VR plans just yet.

Nintendo Switch And Virtual Reality?

A video has surfaced on YouTube demonstrating how it certainly is possible to experience the Nintendo Switch in a virtual reality setting. This is not an officially endorsed venture by Nintendo, even though the gaming giant has patented a VR headset at the end of 2016. According to the patent filing, it appears this particular headset should be capable of holding the Nintendo Switch tablet in the headset itself.

It did not take long for even the most outspoken fans of Nintendo to question the company’s plans regarding virtual reality. While a lot of Switch owners would like to go the VR route moving forward, there are always questions regarding the feasibility of such a venture. After all, virtually every VR headset that does not hold a phone suffers from the comfort issue which makes extended play sessions virtually impossible.

It did not take long for a Nintendo Switch owner to cobble together a workaround. This project is made possible thanks to using a Durovis Dive 7, which is a VR headset holder for tablets. It is more than capable of holding the Nintendo Switch with relative ease, this effectively provides some sort of preview of how the games would look in virtual reality.

As one would expect, this haphazard project lacks a serious wow factor. The screen width for each eye is way too small and the resolution will cause quite a headache for most people. Moreover, the Nintendo Switch is quite a bulky tablet, which is not helping matters by any means. Then again, die-hard fans can easily try this for themselves and see how they fare. If it is up to Nintendo, the VR hardware may still be years away.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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