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Here They Lie Review – Bone-chilling Suspense Done Right

It is evident for everyone to see how the list of VR games for the Playstation console is expanding at an accelerated pace. One of the games we came across while browsing the PSN store goes by the name of Here They Lie. This is a slow and suspenseful horror game that will twist your mind at every possible turn.

Here They Lie Does Horror and Suspense Right

Not every horror game has to be filled with jump scares and cheap blood effects. This is where Here They Lie shines, as it provides none of that in abundance. Although that may turn off some people, the game is still a must buy, despite the US$15.99 price tag. In fact, it is one of the few horror games we thoroughly enjoyed.

What the game does extremely well is play mind games with the player. The world we explore in Here They Lie becomes very twisted and distorted the further you progress. It is suspenseful, eerie, and utterly creepy, for all of the right reasons. Unlike some other horror games we played in the past, Here They lie does a fine job when it comes to pacing and keeping things interesting.

As one would somewhat expect from a  modern horror game, there are quite a few stealth elements involved. Moving around the game world and avoiding the gaze of lurking creatures is your number one priority. Considering how this all takes place in the VR world, the experience becomes bone chilling at times. Oddly enough, that is a rather satisfying type of horror experience, which is why we like the game so much.

Here They Lie scores brownie points for letting players use their DualShock 4 controller. The downside to this approach is how you can’t exactly wave the DS4 around like a torch, like you would normally do in such a situation. The game is a must-buy for everyone who owns the PlayStation VR headset, and it will provide a great experience. A thought-provoking, suspenseful, and engaging game for this price should never be overlooked.

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