Baptiste & Bottle in Chicago Serve a VR Cocktail for $95

One particular cocktail bar in Chicago is quickly making a name for itself. They are the very first place in the US to serve a VR cocktail. Although the price of this drink is quite steep at $95, it has a certain allure one can’t ignore. According to a spokesperson, it is all about “the experience” rather than the drink itself. This new partnership between The Macallan and Baptiste & Bottle will turn a lot of heads. This venture is particularly designed for Millennials as well as non-whiskey drinkers.

A VR Cocktail of a Different Kind

While no one doubts virtual reality can make a big impact on any business, a cocktail is not necessarily something that comes to mind. Granted, there is the One Aldwych hotel in London which sells a virtual reality drink. That particular venture has been well received by customers so far. However, Baptiste & Bottle in Chicago is taking things to a whole new level. For the price of $95, one should certainly expect something more than a fancy glass for a fancy drink.

It has to be said, the experience associated with this VR cocktail is not what one would expect. Customers will certainly appreciate the unique presentation of this drink. You will effectively get the full experience behind every ingredient in your cocktail through virtual reality. The forests harboring the oak trees used in Macallan’s casks, for example, can effectively be “touched” in VR. The whole experience serves as an educational tool, rather than a mere gimmick.

As one would expect, you will be asked to strap on a VR headset. While the headset is on, it will play a video explaining the history of Macallan. It also gives a slightly different perspective on the pouring of the drink itself, a sit helps customers visualize what they see in front of them in real life. Customers explore the forests of America and Spain, as well as the Scottish Highlands and eventually the Macallan distillery. It is a pretty engaging experience that wouldn’t look out of place as a stand-alone app.

All things considered, this VR cocktail offers something entirely unexpected. It is certainly not cheap, but the experience and the drink more than warrant the price. This is a perfect example of how business can embrace VR in a proper way without turning into an experience for kids, so to speak. Especially whiskey enthusiasts will take a liking to this approach. A new emerging trend or just a marketing stunt? Only time will tell.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.