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Cosmic Trip Review – Finally a Decent Strategy Game for VR

Although there are many different game types will-suited for virtual reality, some genres are often overlooked. Strategy games, for example, would be a great addition to the growing VR game catalogs. Cosmic Trip is one of those strategy games which just does everything right. The game is available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The theme setting is excellent and the overall game is pretty enjoyable.

Cosmic Trip is an Excellent VR Strategy Game

Although the number of strategy games in virtual reality leaves a lot to be desired, Cosmic Trip more than makes up for things. Although the game is still officially in Early Access on Steam it feels like a fairly finished game. It is not your traditional RTC game by any means, although it has some strategic elements of its own. There is no battlefield in this game or troops to command. Instead, your mission is to inhabit an alien world.

To do so, one needs to build useful items, robots, and guns to protect one’s real estate. This concept lends itself perfectly for virtual reality, There is an extensive campaign where you build inside a little area which slowly expands over time. Some machines will be working on things already, albeit they still await further instructions from you. There are many things to be built and the game doesn’t feel cumbersome at all.

Dominating your enemies still plays an integral part is Cosmic Trip. These enemies are local inhabitants, which will treat to swarm you in larger waves as you progress through the game. Ensure you can balance resources with defenses and colonizing different parts of the map. The game requires players to think and adapt whenever needed, which makes for an engaging and enjoyable experience overall. Kudos to the developers for making Cosmic Trip such a big success.

The graphics in this game are bright and vivid, although they are not in 4K resolution by any means.Nor should they be because no VR headset can support that resolution. It’s not a child-friendly game either, as the game is pretty unforgiving whenever you mess up. This is to be expected from a strategy game, though, as players should look forward to a good challenge. There is nothing about this game we can fault it for, which is a rarity in the VR world.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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