BigBasket Introduces a Virtual Reality Shopping Experience

There are exciting times for the virtual reality industry as a whole. This technology has a lot of potential to disrupt the ecommerce industry as people know. BigBasket is the latest company to venture into VR through its native mobile application. A major development, which further shows this new option needs to be explored by other companies.

BigBasket Takes a Major Gamble

Up until this point, there has been no indication consumers want a virtual reality shopping experience. Although it can offer major benefits in some regards, it also creates a less personal experience for others. BigBasket will be able to set the pace in this regard, as their mobile application will receive a VR upgrade very soon. It will be added to the existing functionality provided by the company.

The plan is to offer this VR functionality in a frictionless manner. That will occur by letting users look at products as if they would be standing in the physical store. Products are displayed on their shelves, and tapping them will give consumers more information. As is customary in the VR world, there will be a 360-degree view of products and the store to boot.

GMETRI Founded Utsav Mathur adds:

“With gaze data capture, you gain valuable insights by observing the users’ movements and actions inside the VR experience. The kind of numbers we reported from the pilot are amazing. We saw an exceptional bounce rate, which means that every user stays on the app for a longer time and the engagement factor is very high. We have successfully proven this with over 10,000 users.”

It is evident experiences like these can transform the entire concept of online and in-store shopping as consumers know it. For BigBasket, the company can collect valuable insights into consumer behavior. Whether or not that will lead to different products being added to the platform, remains to be seen. Removing stock which simply isn’t appealing to the masses is one way of improving the company’s offerings.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.