New VR Training Tool Helps Address Sex Abuse at Work

Virtual reality is still a niche market at this stage. That is primarily because the industry focuses on gaming and entertainment, which are not “pressing matters” so to speak. Thankfully, some companies are looking beyond these traditional offerings. Tackling sex abuse in VR is a venture everyone can get behind, as this type of behavior becomes all too common in this day and age.

Sex Abuse Needs to be Addressed

Despite numerous campaigns to raise awareness, sex abuse remains a growing problem on a global scale. It is something that has almost become ingrained in our society, yet very few people will openly take action when something like this happens. There appears to be only one solution” confronting people with this type of behavior in a controlled environment to learn them how to behave responsibly.

That is exactly what this new type of training program is all about. It is designed for the simple purpose of training staffers and how they deal with sexual abuse cases. Offering the hypothetical question of “letting it pass or not?” can help address these types of situations accordingly. Addressing sex harassment in a controlled VR environment will hopefully yield the expected results in the long run.

It is evident solutions like these will also help people appreciate VR more. The technology has tremendous potential when used correctly. Bringing pressing matters to the forefront in an environment people can’t ignore will force them to rethink their stance on sexual harassment as a whole. These experiences are not just limited to addressing this behavior, ┬ábut VR can address all pressing matters which plague our society today.

The first course tackling sex abuse has finally come to market last month. It is evident both women and men can benefit from efforts like these, as sexual harassment in the workplace is not going away on its own. Instead, new ways have to be found to ensure no one gets uncomfortable at any given time while they work. It is a major challenge, but one that can hopefully be overcome fairly soon.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.