William Shatner Acknowledges the Potential of VR Technology

A lot of famous people have shown an initial interest. William Shatner is one of those people, as he sees a lot of potential where this technology is concerned. Shatner’s newest venture comes in the form of VR firm Ziva Dynamics. He is quite pleased with the company’s projects so far, particularly because of the realism VR brings to the table.

William Shatner Approves Virtual Reality

One of the main selling points of virtual reality technology is how it can bring unusual creations to life in a semi-realistic manner. With the current technology, big steps toward achieving this goal can be taken accordingly. William Shatner, currently involved with Ziva Dynamics, has seen the light in this regard. He claims the firm is capable of making people live through nightmares through their VR technology.

Although Shatner seems closely linked to Ziva Dynamics, he is keeping a lot of options on the table. A recent event organized by Jet Propulsion Laboratory showed Captain Kirk how outer space can be brought to within one’s proverbial reach. One of the things Shatner was able to do was walk on the surface of Mars, despite no one ever visiting the planet in person.

Both these experiences appear to be mainly focused on the entertainment side of things. It remains one of the primary use cases for VR technology today. At the same time, Shatner acknowledges the potential of VR in the medical sector, among other industries. There is still plenty of work to be done prior to taking virtual reality into the mainstream.

With such a prominent actor validating virtual reality as a viable technology, an interesting milestone has been reached. Although it will not get more people excited about VR right away, it shows the technology should not be dismissed that easily either. Whether or not any meaningful impact can be made, is still up for debate.

By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.