Houston’s Entertainment Industry Banks big on Virtual Reality

The city of Houston is known for its wide variety of entertainment options. Combining these existing solutions with VR technology can lead to some interesting concepts. iFly, a company specialized in indoor skydiving, sees a lot of merit in this particular business model Additional ventures involving VR are being explored as well.

Houston Companies Embrace Virtual Reality

Entertainment can come in many different firms. The city of Houston illustrates that point rather perfectly at this time. It has an indoor skydiving venture, known as iFly. This company is introducing a VR experience which gives customers the idea of skydiving above the Swiss Als, despite being in a completely controlled environment. An interesting take on this business model, although one that has also popped up in other parts of the world.

A virtual mountain scenery can make a big difference for such a company. Its options are not limited to the Alps, but also span Hawaii, Dubai, and Southern California. Although the development of these VR experiences doesn’t come cheap, iFly sees an increase in customers since introducing them. Whether or not it will remain a popular option, remains to be seen.

Other locations across Houston see merit in newer technologies as well. Visit Houston, a well-known local hotel group, is using augmented reality to guide visitors to specific points of interest. Exploring cities in different ways is something tourists have taken a liking to in recent months. Parent company Houston First Corp will ensure they can keep up with the demand and available offerings as more time progresses.

Last but not least, ExitusVR combines escape rooms with virtual reality technology. Although the correlation between VR and escape rooms is not new by any means, it is still a more than valid business model. Immersing consumers seeking entertainment in a completely different world is something all companies need to embrace. Firms across Houston are certainly leading by example in this regard.

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By JP Buntinx

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