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I Expect You to Die – Another Quality VR Escape Room Game

A game with the title of “I Expect You to Die” doesn’t sound all that welcoming whatsoever. That doesn’t mean it’s a VR game owners of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift should pass up on either. It is evident this game has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to escaping a diabolical trap. It’s a different type of escape room experience and one that goes in a completely different direction as well. I Expect You to Die currently costs $24.99 and is worth every penny.

Raising the bar for Future Escape Room Games

It is safe to say I Expect You to Die is taking on a very different approach when it comes to VR gaming. More specifically, the game offers an escape room experience very few other games have been able to match so far. Your objective is to get through the different puzzles and rooms I an attempt to escape the evil mastermind. Although it may seem like it comes straight out of a James Bond movie, that is not the case whatsoever. It certainly would help if we had more James Bond-like skills to escape from this contraption, though.

With a title such as I Expect You to Die, it is evident this game doesn’t take kindly to your presence. In fact, the game forces you to literally make your way through different rooms and puzzles before you can actually escape the premises. Doing so is much easier said than done, for many different reasons.First of all, the movement in this game occurs through teleportation. It takes a while to get used to, but it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. This also makes it a bit easier to interact with different objects strewn throughout the game world.

The way new missions are delivered is pretty unique. They arrive in the form of canned film reels. Putting the reel in a projector allows you to review the details of the mission. A neat touch, that much is rather evident. On the puzzle front, there are some interesting challenges ahead for multiple reasons. More specifically, there is little logic or obvious, but they certainly are easy to figure out once you put your mind to it. This is the good type of easy, mind you, as this game is not easy by any means.

Games like I Expect You to Die reward players for exploring the world and interacting with different objects along the way. Anything and everything will of great significance in one way or another This approach will also help you with the puzzles waiting to be solved. There is plenty of value for your money as far as this game is concerned, as you will spend a good few hours to successfully complete the game. There is no reason to rush the game whatsoever since you are not actually working against any time limit.

In terms of replay value, escape room games often have little value. I Expect You to Die is no different in this regard unless you feel like you missed out on a few things along the way. Virtual reality seems to work quite well in terms of escape room games, and I Expect You to Die is by far the best game in the genre so far. It’s also a game you can play while sitting down, which is something a lot of players will appreciate.

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