Motion Rail Introduces two VR Training Programs on Railway Safety

Virtual reality can play a critical role in creating safer workspaces and environments. When it comes to rail safety, Motion Rail Ltd is building immersive training and education programs to accommodate this vision. Improving overall railway safety is a top priority for Motion Rail, as new technology allows for innovative business models.

Motion Rail and VR Training

Educating children on railway safety is not all that easy. This will only happen in location, which poses a large set of risks and logistics issues. With virtual reality, this approach becomes a lot more straightforward and safer. Motion Rial acknowledges the potential of this technology when it comes to building education and training exercises pertaining to railway safety.

In the United Kingdom, people still lose their life to railway safety every year. Throughout 2017, 39 people were killed by railways in a wide variety of ways. There are also numerous injuries which occur when trespassing onto the tracks or incidents at level crossings. This does not just apply to consumers, but also railway workers.

Motion Rial Managing Director Emma Gilchrist adds:

“If the children cross the white line where they’re told to stop, the train will pass – it does hit them if they cross the line, but it doesn’t present any gore, it’s sort of CCTV of what happens to them. Most children don’t find the experience frightening, which will hopefully ensure they remember what to do when dealing with real-world crossings “

The current VR program lets children use the experience to get safely across a level crossing through a sequence of tasks. Another program is designed to raise awareness of the time needed to move out of the way when a train is coming. There is still room for other experiences pertaining to railway safety, yet these two experiences are quite versatile in their own regard.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.