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Top Selling VR Games On Steam This Year

Steam’s summer sale has finally ended and owners of high-end VR gear like the Oculus Rift might have hopefully found attractive deals on the VR titles they were finally looking forward to playing.

Following the conclusion of its recent sale event, Steam has released its list of the best selling games of 2018 (So Far). The list contains not only the biggest selling game titles of the year but also covers

  • The best new releases

  • Most-played games

  • Top-selling VR games

For owners of VR gear, the list of the top games probably did not come as a surprise. And while the summer sale might be done with, most of the best selling titles are still being sold online for a healthy 20-25% discount.

Also, before we start with the list, it is best to mention that Valve does not release exact sales figures in relation to the different gaming titles but rather randomizes the order for the highest selling titles.

So, without further ado, here’s the list:

  • Arizona Sunshine
  • Beat Saber
  • Budget Cuts
  • Fallout 4 VR
  • GORN
  • Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
  • Job Simulator
  • Onward
  • OrbusVR
  • Pavlov
  • Superhot VR
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

One last thing to bear in mind is that many of the games listed above were released in years prior to 2018. However, that does not mean that titles released in 2018 have been performing poorly– especially since this list only reflects Steam’s half-yearly sales figures.

By Shiraz Jagati

Shiraz is a VR enthusiast and audiophile who in his spare time loves to stay abreast with all of the latest happenings in the world of music and technology.