Can You Lose Weight by Playing Virtual Reality Games?

Everyone who has ever played in virtual reality or saw someone else, may have noticed it is quite the workout. Although spending time in VR does not even come close to a regular gym membership, it is not impossible to lose weight while playing VR games. Your mileage may vary when it comes to successfully losing weight in virtual reality, but there has been at least one success story so far.

Virtual Reality And Weight Loss

To a lot of people, it may sound strange to think you can actually lose weight by playing a computer game. Then again, virtual reality is not just playing a computer game while sitting either. It is an immersive experience that requires a lot of player movement to be even remotely appealing. It engages players in an unprecedented manner and opens up new and existing opportunities at the same time.

Earlier this year, a report surfaced about one individual successfully losing 50 pounds by playing a game in virtual reality. Granted, it took him five months to achieve this goal, yet it goes to show virtual reality can act as a motivational tool in this regard. Do keep in mind this will not yield similar results with just any game or any player, for that matter.

That is the main thing people wanting to lose weight often forget. It all begins in your head and having fun while working out is a critical part of losing fat. In this case, the virtual reality environment created by one game in particular. If people are motivated enough to play the same game in VR for extended periods of time, regardless of sweating, cables tangling, and perhaps even losing balance once or twice, there is a very real chance it will become their official workout session.

Granted, not everyone has the time to spend an hour or more playing VR games every single day. Nor do they need to, as losing weight is still possible, regardless of play time. It will take a bit longer for some people due to limited playtime, yet that doesn’t change the fact they will still see some weight loss in the end. If there is one thing virtual reality does well, it is ensuring people get out of their chair or couch and move around a bit.

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By Marat Arguinbaev

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