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BigScreen Review – A Full-Fledged Computer Experience in Virtual Reality

Using a virtual reality headset means users need to have a very powerful desktop or laptop computer at their disposal. It is only normal consumers want to use their computer in virtual reality as a result, BigScreen is an application that provides this experience free of charge across multiple platforms. An interesting concept, especially when considering how the project raised US$3m in funding.

BigScreen Makes The Computer Experience More Immersive

One of the many reasons why people buy a virtual reality headset is to play video games. BigScreen brings this experience to computer and laptop users in a rather different manner. Rather than only displaying proper VR games, the application can bring any possible game to a big screen in a virtual environment. In a way, the VR world becomes the computer screen in question.

For those people who prefer to play in a setting where they are not alone can also find a good companion in the BigScreen app. It is possible to host a virtual LAN party and play together with friends within the VR environment itself. That is a rather unique approach, yet one that will attract a very different crowd. It is good to see this type of functionality, though, as BigScreen makes itself stand out from the competition in doing so.

Other functionality provided by BigScreen includes watching movies in a virtual theater – which is exactly as awesome as it sounds, might we add – and collaborating with coworkers in virtual meeting rooms. Rather than using screen-sharing applications or Skype to communicate, BigScreen provides an actual meeting room where users can exchange ideas, present drawings, and argue in real-time.

Apps such as BigScreen effectively remove the need for computer monitors altogether. Users can have up to three massive monitors in front of them and switch between them without any delay. Moreover, there are dozens of virtual world settings to choose from. The app provides the immersive experience people have been looking for and it comes free of charge. Despite still being in beta mode, BigScreen offers plenty of functionality at no cost. It is well worth trying out by anyone who has a virtual reality headset.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.