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screen door effect

What is the Screen-door Effect?

One of the most common occurrences in the world of virtual reality is something known as the screen-door effect. Albeit not all players and users are susceptible to this visual effect, it can easily...
computer addiction

What is Avaddiction?

Most internet users are well aware of how too much online activity is often referred to as an addiction. The same principle applies to gamers, as they get addicted to playing video games. In...
lose weight vr

Can You Lose Weight by Playing Virtual Reality Games?

Everyone who has ever played in virtual reality or saw someone else, may have noticed it is quite the workout. Although spending time in VR does not even come close to a regular gym...
vr metaverse

What is the Virtual Reality Metaverse?

There are quite a few different terms virtual reality enthusiasts have to be aware of at all times. While most of the commonly used terminology needs little to no explanation, there are some concepts...
vr simulation sickness

What is Simulator Sickness?

Although a lot of people are very excited about virtual reality, the technology also has its drawbacks. Simulator sickness is a very real problem affecting hundreds of people who venture into VR. As a...



Gorn Review – Brutal and Gory Gladiator Battles in VR!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6k1GjZcudU Virtual reality gaming is all about having a good time and getting rid of pent up emotions. That latter part is much easier said...