China’s Virtual Reality Theme Park has Opened Its Doors

Virtual reality theme parks are all the rage as of right now. We knew a theme park would open in China at some point, albeit no official date had been announced at that time. During the past weekend, Guizhou became home to the VR-online theme park including a massive robot statue. It will undoubtedly attract plenty of enthusiasts from all over the world.

China’s VR Theme Park is Open for Business

It is pretty interesting to see how a VR theme park effectively comes to market. One would expect such locations to be rather small in size, considering how everything takes place in a virtual world. In China, they like to show off every now and then. Guizhou is home to its very own VR-only theme park.

While that is impressive, the main point of debate is the robot “mascot” looming in the middle of the park. This figure is 52 meters tall and weighs a stunning 700 tons. It is a massive attraction, although one visitors cannot enter, unfortunately. Even so, it shows the robot industry is still alive and well in China as of right now.

Oriental Science Fiction Valley will be a very interesting theme park to keep an eye on. With 35 VR attractions to choose from, it offers a little something for young, old, enthusiast, and skeptic. This is also the first – and so far only – VR theme park to use virtual reality as part of every single attraction on the premises.

With this theme park now open for business, it will be interesting to see how the general public responds. It is certainly a very unique business model and a rather expensive one to boot. Even so, the robot alone will undoubtedly get people excited about this venture, as will the attractions themselves.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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