Dubai Customs Officials Receive VR Training to Search for Smuggled Goods

It has become apparent there are a lot of interesting use cases for VR technology. In the case of Dubai, their border officials are looking into this technology to search passengers and vessels for hidden weapons, drugs, and so forth. It takes border control to a whole new level, although the concept has a lot of merit.

The Role of VR in Customs

It is not unlikely there will be other countries exploring this specific venture. Dubai customs officials are being trained in VR to improve the efficiency of them catching illegal items hidden away in secret compartments. Individuals who smuggle goods are very crafty in concealing their actual cargo when they don’t want it to be found. Any extra hands-on experience for customs employee can be of great value in this regard.

In this particular VR experience, inspectors can search boats and seaports. They mainly seek to find drugs, weapons, and other illegal items. Additionally, the project will be expanded to encompass the searching of containers and trucks. No immediate plans for airport customers are in place yet, albeit that appears to be a logical extension.

Dubai Customers Administration Affairs Director Khawla AlSaleis adds:

“The virtual reality teaches them how to start their day before the inspection – all the safety tools should be ready before they go to the ports. It will teach them how to inspect hidden and illegal items, such as drugs, weapons and others. Each time the inspector finds an illegal item, he will get points. When he receives enough points, he can go on to the next level.”

The use of immersive and innovative technology is something primarily younger inspectors seem to appreciate. It is evident there is a lot of feedback to be collected, as this venture is still in the early stages. A total of 20 inspectors have already taken part in this VR-based training exercise, and more will undoubtedly follow over the coming months.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.