US Military Officials Continue to Train Troops in Virtual Reality

It has become apparent virtual reality is an excellent educational and training medium. Ranging from regular stores to major brands, the opportunities are endless. Military troops are the next “market” to benefit from VR training. Using these virtual reality headsets will unlock a lot of new potential combat scenarios without putting trainees in actual danger.

Training Combat Troops in VR

It is evident putting people in actual combat situations will not always yield the best results. Especially if they still lack the proper training. The human mind is not always able to cope with stressful situations like a combat environment. This is where virtual reality headsets can offer a lot of benefits, especially for military troops.

Hampshire’s Andover base is the first location to experiment with military troop training in VR. New technology will be introduced at this facility over the coming weeks. Although the US military is already experimenting with virtual reality for some time now, it is another interesting venture to explore.

It is estimated this new VR venture will come at a price tag of over $50m, although that has not been officially confirmed. It is expected this new training system will become cheaper as more time progresses, although it remains to be seen if that can effectively be achieved in the future.

The main benefit of virtual reality technology is how it can be sued anywhere and under any conditions. This makes for effective training sessions in a  convenient and time-efficient manner at any given time. More importantly, it can help reduce the number of deaths which occur during military training sessions in the real world.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.