Dutch Non-profit Embraces Virtual Reality for Dolphin-Oriented Therapy

It is widely known the medical sector will benefit from VR technology. Swimming with dolphins to aid disabled people, for example, suddenly becomes a reality. While there are no actual dolphins involved, it is certainly possible to swim underwater wearing a VR headset and immerse oneself in a dolphin-filled ocean. An interesting option worth exploring. Dutch non-profit The Dolphin Swim Club claims this is one of the first major VR-related breakthroughs in this specific industry.

The Dolphin Swim Club is a Unique Venture

Truth be told, there are many different reasons to pay attention to VR for medical purposes. Relieving stress, anxiety, and even aiding disabled people are just some of the areas worth exploring. Dutch company The Dolphin Swim Club is doing exactly that. After over 20 years of working on the project, Marijke Sjollema has finally made the breakthrough she was looking for.  Dolphins are very unique creatures and they ooze a sense of calmness and intelligence which can be beneficial to the medical industry.

More specifically, there are certain healing qualities which can be associated with dolphins. The non-profit’s waterproof VR glasses play a big role in this regard. Wearers of this headset can drift around any pool and immerse themselves in a virtual environment with dolphins. Being able to watch different types of dolphins play in their vicinity has proven to be quite a joyous event for many people. VR Dolphin therapy may sound like a fad, nut it is a very real area of research in the medical sector right now.

Rather than using dolphins in captivity, a VR version of these intelligent creatures is the preferred option. So far, the therapy seems to work quite well. Around 82% of clients feel relaxed by seeing these dolphins in virtual reality. Even though the patients know these creatures aren’t real, the soothing effects still seem to pay off. It makes people forget the world they are in. Instead, they think, feel, see, and relax in a completely different manner.

It is evident virtual reality can do a lot of good for people of all kinds. Most of us could do with relaxation techniques which aren’t exactly traditional. Swimming in the pool while seeing dolphins around you is a very unique experience, to say the very least. It generates a sense of peace and tranquility most people might never experience otherwise. Swimming with actual dolphins is expensive, difficult, and may harm the creatures in the process. Using a VR version makes a lot more sense, and it is far more readily accessible as well.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.