Enduvo Makes Education More Exciting Through Virtual Reality Technology

There is a very good chance virtual reality will transform the education system as a whole. This new technology can improve the way people learn new information or skills. A new platform has been developed in Peoria to revolutionize the way to learn through immersive VR technology.

Enduvo can be a Game Changer

One has to commend any effort which bridges the gap between education and virtual reality technology. Enduvo is a platform created at Jump Simulation Center. Rather than making students sit quietly through a lecture or having them absorb information from a book, they will be introduced to a three-dimensional environment with no added distractions. This setup does require a powerful computer and a compatible headset to be used.

Within the Enduvo environment, students interact with a virtual instructor. It is possible to rewind and pause lectures, which will undoubtedly add a lot of benefits to the concept of learning. Moreover, everything is conveyed through information media, which is present in the pre-designed 3D environment. Specific information can be highlighted and enlarged, depending on the student’s interest and needs.

On the surface, Enduvo quickly positions itself as a powerful tool for exploration and discovery. Keeping people curious and excited are two important cornerstones when it comes to learning. With textbooks and traditional lectures, there is no real engagement between the student and the course material. Solving that problem will require innovative concepts, and in this case, VR technology.

It is not the first application of its kind in VR. While the first to focus on students, it is an offshoot of a different project developed by the same team. That particular project mainly focuses on 3D printed hearts created with medical scans from actual patients. As such, it would give doctors a better overview of a patient’s heart prior to performing the needed surgery. ¬†An interesting evolution in the VR world, that much is evident.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.