Vive Focus VR Headset to Receive VR Power Drive Support

It has been coming for a while now, but the first major VR headset accessories are coming to market. Owners of the Vive Focus VR headset can now obtain the VR Power Drive, developed by Seagate and HTC. It is a way of expanding the storage capabilities of the headset, as well as extending its battery life.

A Big Breakthrough for the Vive Focus Headset

While HTC’s Vive FocusVR headset has been well-received by the VR community, there is always room for improvements.  As virtual reality is slowly becoming more mainstream, there is a growing need for accessories which can improve the overall convenience of these headsets. Focusing on additional storage and improved battery life is important, which is exactly what the VR Power Drive is designed to provide.

This particular unit is developed by Seagate and HTC. It offers external media storage solutions and a portable “power bank” for the Vive Focus VR headset. Having additional storage is of great use to VR enthusiasts, especially with so many applications, games and video content coming to this ecosystem. With 1 TB of storage to play around with, users will not run out of space anytime soon.

Connecting the VR Power Drive can be done through a microB cable and USB-C adapter. This allows for direct focus to the Vive Focus without needing a computer to expand its storage. That in itself is a very interesting concept and one that offers a lot of convenience in the process. On the battery side, there is a 5,000 mAh battery to extend the headset’s battery life by a few hours.

For the time being, the VR Power Drive has not received an official release date or price. Depending on how expensive the unit is, it may not be all that appealing to Vive Focus VR headsets. If kept under $100 or even $75, this accessory may prove to be very appealing. It will be interesting to see whether or not such tools will be developed for other VR headsets moving forward.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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