Europe’s Second VR Waterslide Arrives in Prague

Even though it often doesn’t seem like it, virtual reality is still a booming business even today. Numerous companies are experimenting with VR in many different ways. In Prague, Aquapalace Praha has debuted their new attraction called the VRSlide. It is the country’s first virtual reality waterslide which companies the regular fun experience with wearing VR headsets.

VR and Waterslides are an Odd Combination

When combining any form of wireless technology with water, accidents are usually waiting to happen. It would appear there is some merit in combining these two forms of entertainment. Galaxy Waterslide World in Erding was the first to introduce the VR Slide late last year. A very similar experience can now be found at Aquapalace Praha, known as the Magic Tube.

On the surface, it transports waterslide users to a virtual environment by making them wear waterproof VR goggles. The “experience” mimics that of a rollercoaster, even though their physical body is still immersed in an inflatable moving over water. While the regular waterslide experience is already pretty impressive, it seems there has been a demand for more “engaging” options in this regard.

The company explains their addition as follows:

“The Magic Tube offers a unique combination of water entertainment and virtual reality. When you go down the water slide, you can look into the universe or explore the Milky Way, strange planets or mythical temples. A whole new dimension of water fun is waiting for you.”

This is another notch in the belt of Ballast. The company is responsible for developing the waterproof VR headset and the associated custom software. Even if the hardware is submerged in several meters of water, it will continue to function as expected. It is a new form of water entertainment the company is more than willing to explore at this time. So far, it seems there is an actual interest in this technology as well.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.