Zero Latency Revamps Laser Tag With VR Technology

Experimenting with VR technology is mostly about having a good time. Especially where team-based gaming is concerned, numerous options can be explored. A VR version of laser tag, for example, could prove to be a major breakthrough for this struggling industry. Startup Zero Latency has high hoped for this business model.

Sol Raiders has Major Potential

On paper, it sounds a bit clunky to play laser tag in VR. However, players are already used to running around with a gun in their hands. Some areas even make players don a backpack of sorts. Replacing that attire with a portable VR headset and computer is not that big of a stretch. That is the approach Zero Latency is taking where Sol Raiders is concerned.

The purpose of this game is pretty straightforward. Up to eight players join forces to survive in a virtual environment. Survival hinges on reaching the power source called Sol. With two teams of four going head-to-head, an immersive competitive game is created. Players will also use mics to communicate and headphones to take note of their surroundings at all times.

To experience Sol Raiders first hand, gamers will need to visit on the company’s arenas. 25 Such arenas exist across 13 countries. Although the initial price is a bit step these games not necessarily limited in time. The price hasn’t been a hindrance for the startup’s revenue either. Over 750,000 players have tried and tested their six available games to date. This shows there is an interest in virtual reality laser tag.

One thing the company has gotten right is ensuring motion sickness becomes a non-issue. The experience itself is immersive and engaging, which is all players really want. Combined with huge empty areas for players to walk around in in the real world, it genuinely feels like traversing to a different dimension. Additionally, there are no cables, wires, or props to take note of. It is a well thought-out concept which seems to be garnering a lot of positive attention.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.