Eurostar Will Bring a Virtual Reality Experience to all Travelers

It is good to see existing companies and service providers explore virtual reality. Most people know Eurostar, the high-speed railway company connecting multiple UK and European cities. Their first venture into VR is called Eurostar Odyssey. Users will be able to explore the underwater world when the train cross over the undersea rail tunnel. An engaging concept which both young and old can thoroughly enjoy.

Eurostar Sees a Bright Future for Virtual Reality

Although traveling with the Eurostar is anything but boring, the experience can always be improved upon. Giving people a way to see the underwater environment through which they travel en route to the UK is one way of doing so. Rather than replacing walls with plexiglass, the team developed a new VR application. Eurostar Odyssey gives passengers an opportunity to go under the sea while traveling.

Among the things players can do is explore marine inhabitants, find some hidden treasures, and enjoy the seascape. It is evident this experience is designed in such a  way both young and older travelers can enjoy it. Additionally, you have a chance to meet a mermaid and interact with an octopus. Plus, there will be some narrative elements revolving around pirate adventures and their missing booty. It sounds like an engaging concept, to say the least.

Eurostar will provide passengers with dedicated VR hardware which requires them to insert their Android or iOS device. All headsets connect to the company’s system set up for this VR experience. All of the Eurostar trains will be equipped with this entertainment system. Additionally, free Wi-Fi will finally come to these trains as well, something that has been overdue for some time now.The interesting part is how you will see everything from inside the train itself, which becomes virtual with a glass roof.

It is a bit unclear when this experience will come to Eurostar trains. The goal is to implement this as soon as possible, but there does not appear to be an official ETA. The company is banking big on virtual reality technology moving forward. After all, VR can make a major difference to making this trip more comfortable. Especially for people who travel for 4 hours and longer. Any type of distraction can be more than welcome at times, that much is evident.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.