Everyone Can Now Check Out Drake’s Drizzy Manor in Virtual Reality

One of the main selling points of virtual experience is how it immerses people in a different environment. In most cases, the average consumer wants to wander around different places and get an impression of the location in question. Celebrity homes are well-suited for this type of activity, by the look of things. In fact, one can now take a look around rapper Drake’s Drizzy Manor in virtual reality.

Gawking At Celebrity Estate In Virtual Reality

A lot of consumers enjoy their portion of gossip and looking how wealthy people live. This is why any news related to celebrities if gobbled up quickly by the masses these days. Virtual reality has its role to play in this regard as well since the technology would allow anyone to walk around a famous person’s home. Whether or not this will prove to be successful in keeping stalkers out, remains to be seen.

Drake, a well-known rapper, has opened up his Drizzy manor to anyone who owns a virtual reality headset. Toronto-based VR studio OPIATS is currently creating a virtual reality replica of Drake’s million-dollar home. Considering how this is a 21,000 square foot surface it will take a lot of work to create this virtual reality rendition.

As one would come to expect from such a mansion, it will include a basketball court, a huge pool, and a driveway for luxury cars. Additionally, a lot of people will be interested in checking out his kitchen, as it is something most mortals can only dream of right now. It is well worth noting this VR experience will be rendered in real-time by using the Unreal Engine 4. Speaking of which, creating VR renditions of existing places is an excellent use case for video game engines such as the Unreal Engine 4, to say the least.

There will be a lot of interactive additions to this virtual reality experience. Just walking around the property would not be so appealing, after all. Visitors will be able to pilot a drone, play basketball, record tracks, and even ride a hoverboard around the property, among other things. It is possible to take the tour on the Windows platform already, or by using the far less impressive browser version. OPIATS is currently still working on the full release for Steam, Oculus Home, and Viveport.

It is interesting to see concepts like these come to fruition, especially considering there does not seem to be a hefty price tag associated with the VR experience. OPIATS plans to explore the possibilities of video game engines to create virtual reality environments in the coming years, although they did not announce any specific future projects just yet.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.