Experience the Aftershock of the Hiroshima Bomb in Virtual Reality

The virtual reality allows users to experience some of the most unusual concepts. We have seen close-up encounters with a shark, which has attracted a lot of attention. The Day the World Changed is a new venture in this regard, as it puts users in Hiroshima right after the atomic bomb dropped by the US in 1945.

Experiencing Hiroshima After the Bomb

Most people know from their history lesson how Hiroshima is one of two locations hit with an atom bomb by the United States. Up until now, no one could experience what that feeling was like unless they were alive on that day. With virtual reality, that situation has come to change in a meaningful manner. The Day the World Changed puts players in a bombed-out dome hit by the atom bomb.

However, this would not be a VR experience without interactive options. VR users can interact with floating artifacts to properly witness the destruction caused by the United States on that fateful day. While it may not make people rethink their stance on nuclear weapons, it is still an immersive and impressive learning experience for all ages.

Co-creator Gabo Arora comments on this VR experience as follows:

“We are living in a time when our Commander-in-Chief and leaders of other nations are openly calling for more nuclear weapons, taunting each other over their capabilities. Our intention with this work is to give voice to those victims of nuclear war asking the world to face this shared history and to recognize the true horror of these weapons.”

The Day the World Changed is a rather interesting collaborative project. ICAN, Nobel Media, and Tomorrow Never Knows all came together to create this amazing experience. It is as somber as one would expect and then some. This is clearly a statement regarding the military and how nuclear weapons are still a major threat to this day. This is an uncomfortable experience, and that is by design.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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