Facebook Wants to Bring VR to one Billion Consumers

It is fairly evident Facebook has big plans for the world of virtual reality. Their Oculus Go wireless headset will certainly pave the way for increased adoption. However, there are other things happening behind the scenes in this regard Hugo Barra wants to bring VR to one billion consumers in the coming years. An ambitious goal that may not necessarily be attainable unless something changes dramatically.

Facebook Wants VR to Take off

Without the support of companies such as Facebook, the current VR revolution may have already died out. It is good to see a well-established brand try to make a positive impact as far as this industry is concerned. Although their efforts have not been overly successful, Hugo Barra claims the best is yet to come. Even Mark Zuckerberg stated how the company needs to bring one billion people in virtual reality. Such a lofty goal is commendable, but it also sounds a bit ridiculous at this point in time.

While it is true Facebook servers 2 billion users so far, it is doubtful they will convert half of those to VR enthusiasts. With only 2 million headsets shipping globally in 2016, there is still a ┬ávery long way to go. The Oculus Go will certainly make the venture slightly more appealing, but it still won’t change the public perception of VR whatsoever. Making the hardware more accessible and cheaper is a smart decision though.

Moreover, Facebook is seemingly exploring some new opportunities to sell VR to people. The Oculus for Business Program has been well-received by corporations all over the world. Buying bulk orders of Oculus headsets for commercial use is certainly appealing to some companies. Moreover, it seems the Oculus headset is making its way into workplaces such as Cisco and Audi. An interesting concept, but it won’t change things for regular consumers whatsoever.

Raising awareness for VR has been one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. Ad campaigns are one possible option, especially when combined with a price cut. However, most people don’t care about virtual reality because they don’t see the added value of this ecosystem It will be hard to convince people to change their mind in this regard. Without killer apps or proper content to enjoy, the road ahead remains filled with obstacles.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.