What is the Virtuali-Tee?

Finding useful applications for virtual reality technology on a consumer level is anything but straightforward. Other than playing games or watching sports, there seemingly isn’t much to do. People who want to find out more about how their own body works may want to look at Ed Barton’s new creation. The Virtuali-Tee is an interesting concept that mixes VR and VR to teach people about their own anatomy.

Virtuali-Tee is a Niche Product

While the concept of using VR and AR to study human anatomy makes sense to some, it is not something the average consumer will get interested in. That doesn’t mean the concept shall be dismissed by any means. Curiscope has come up with this project, which requires a garment printed with a QR code which looks like a human rib cage. Once you scan the shirt and use the proprietary app, it becomes possible to study human anatomy from up close.

It is certainly true both VR and AR can learn people a thing or two when it comes to their own bodies. It is unclear if this particular shirt uses one’s own body or just a stereotype reference, though. It is impossible to look inside your body directly, regardless of which consumer-grade technology is used. Then again, our bodily structure is always the same, which makes Virtuali-Tee somewhat useful.

Creating a unique form of VR content is certainly a venture worth pursuing. Other than games and videos, there is very little visual content available to virtual reality users these days. Most apps offer nothing even remotely exciting. While Virtuali-Tee may not necessarily be exciting either, the concept can have its merits, even if it is just for educational purposes.

All of this goes to show it is difficult for content creators to come up with something that will blow VR users off their feet. There is a growing need for more audiovisual content of different kinds, but this can’t be created overnight either. Until this situation changes, VR will always remain a niche market. The untapped potential is certainly present, but no one has looked to make use of it just yet.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.