French Surgeons-in-Training Use VR App to Dissect Cadavers

Virtual reality is a pretty exciting technology when it comes to training experiences. The medical sector is paying very close attention to the developments in this industry. Various students at the Montpellier Medical University in France are using VR training as part of the medical studies on the road to becoming surgeons. A very positive development for the VR industry.

Surgeon Training in Virtual Reality

The way people train to become a surgeon is undergoing some radical changes. Rather than cutting up cadavers and learning about the human body that way, a more sensible and immersive approach seems warranted. With the number of cadavers available for study being subject to highs and lows, a more streamlined solution is in order.

According to the Montpellier Medical University, virtual reality training is the logical solution. Together with Artec 3D and IMA Solutions, they are piloting a VR training experience for surgeons-in-training. Combining the latest in 3D scanning and VR technology to create photorealistic virtual cadavers is an option worth looking into. The application itself is expected to be released in late 2018.

Artec 3D CBDO Andrei Vakulenko comments:

“Two surgeons from the Montpellier Medical University city anatomy laboratory, Dr. Guillaume Captier and Dr. Mohamed Akkari, had the idea to create a VR application so medical students will be able to practice dissecting bodies in VR before attempting the task on a real cadaver.”

The cadavers in the app are 3D scans of actual human bodies. All visuals look as realistic as possible, yet the scanning has to occur very quickly. After all, the body undergoes changes over time, and it has to remain consistent in the application itself. Moreover, the dissection of these virtual cadavers is performed through haptic tools designed specifically for this type of experience.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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