HTC Vive Focus Will Support Phone Calls Through the U12 Plus Smartphone

There are always some developments in the world of virtual reality which may not make much sense at first. HTC surprised the world by introducing the full feature set of the HTC U12 Plus. More specifically, the phone will be able to “pair” with the upcoming HTC Vive Focus standalone VR headset. An interesting course of action, especially because the headset isn’t even available yet.

HTC ups the Ante in a Positive Way

Up until this point, very little information is accessible regarding the Vive Focus VR headset. It is a standalone unit, which means no computer or smartphone is needed to use it. However, the manufacturer made the unit compatible with its new HTC U12 Plus smartphones. That decision seemingly makes little sense to a lot of people, and rightfully so. Even so, both gadgets intertwining is pretty positive in general.

Despite the Vive Focus not coming to market in the US yet, a major software update is planned already. The 2.0 software client adds notifications, messages, and connect to calls through the VR headset. That explains why “pairing” it with the HTC U12 Plus makes a lot of sense to the company. Other phones will be supported as well through the Vive Companion App, albeit it will not offer the same types of functions per se.

It is only normal HTC makes this somewhat odd decision. Facebook has launched a companion app for the Oculus Go which allows phones to access the headset’s camera roll. Receiving or making phone calls is not possible at this stage, although things are always subject to change in this regard. HTC can’t be behind the curve when other manufacturers explore similar options.

Moreover, the manufacturer has hinted at an upgrade to the Vive Focus controller. Adding extra six-degree-of-freedom capabilities can only be considered to be a good thing in the long run. Additionally, the controller will receive a greater range of motion through future updates. VR Headsets are becoming smarter and more versatile, which will help the industry grow as a whole.

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