Georgia’s Lee Middle School Takes Students on Field Trips in VR

There are numerous ways virtual reality can impact the educational sector. Whether it is through interactive classes or virtual field trips, the opportunities are virtually limitless. Lee Middle School in the US is currently exploring the options in this regard. Some of the virtual trips take students to Mars, museums, and even Asia, all from the comfort of their own classroom.

Lee Middle School and VR Field Trips

It is evident virtual reality field trips can offer a lot of benefits to any school. Not only is visiting foreign places very expensive, but it is also a hassle to keep students together and engaged. Using virtual reality can solve most of those problems and teach children something new at the same time. It is a tool which can offer equality in terms of educational opportunities for students.

Unlocking the potential of virtual field trips is not easy. Lee Middle School has to invest in proper hardware to let students access virtual reality. Mobile devices are being used right now, primarily because of their durability, convenience, and lower cost. All of the units are paid for through grant funds. It is a very positive development for the educational sector as a whole.

Students can explore these fascinating and educational locations through Google Expeditions. This application can transport VR users to any place around the world and bring the environment to life in numerous ways For Lee Middle School students, it is currently the go-to solution when undertaking these field trips.

If more schools embrace virtual reality, a lot of interesting things will happen in the future. There is a growing need for innovative solutions to cut costs and make education more interactive. Google Expeditions is a great example of what the future may hold. That is, assuming the VR industry will survive, as shipments remain alarming low at this crucial stage in VR history.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.