Small Planet Airlines Experiments With In-flight Virtual Reality Entertainment

Various companies and service providers want to experiment with virtual technology. In the airline industry, such experiments are rather uncommon, primarily because of the danger associated with the idea itself. Small Planet Airlines is taking the plunge by offering VR-based in-flight entertainment solution. This is realized through a partnership with Inflight VR, Newrest TR, and AirFi.

In-flight VR Entertainment Sounds Appealing

On paper, it is rather complicated to let flight passengers experience virtual reality. Since every user needs their own headset, a lot of hardware is involved in the process. All of the content will need to be delivered wirelessly as well, which is where AirFi comes into the picture. Inflight VR specializes in virtual reality content consumption aboard planes, thus their expertise will be crucial as well.

Small Planet Airlines is a small player in the airline industry. Their new VR entertainment service will be limited to the Airbus A320s flying from Amsterdam to locations across Southern Europe. If successful, the service will be expanded upon to further destinations throughout 2018. An ambitious plan, but one that can effectively be successful in the long run.

Small Planet Airlines’ Lina Griciuviene adds:

“We are very proud to be the first to offer this new in-flight entertainment feature to our passengers. Being a fairly new player in the leisure travel field, we want to offer the best and most advanced, and are convinced this all new Inflight VR concept will greatly contribute to making the travel experience on board our aircraft much more pleasant, while also helping us push our ancillary revenues to the next level.”

It will be interesting to see what this venture will hold exactly. Program content is developed in collaboration with AirFi. Ensuring passengers are safe during the flight will remain the number one priority at all times. The airline carrier has specific requirements in this regard, yet they were met with no issues. Moreover, the product is expected to remain free of motion sickness. One of the most common issues when experiencing virtual reality content.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.