Redline VR Combines a Gaming Bar With Virtual Reality Technology

It is evident the coming months will be crucial for the virtual reality industry. Getting this technology to the masses is far more difficult than originally assumed. Redline VR is trying a different take in this regard. Their current plan is to bring gaming and drinks to Ravenswood in Illinois. A bar dedicated to virtual reality is rather unusual, but it can create an intriguing precedent.

Redline VR has a Brave and Bold Plan

It is evident getting consumers excited about virtual reality will remain the biggest challenges for this nascent industry. Despite the rise in popularity of VR arcades and other location-based virtual reality ventures, it is evident the at-home VR experience is still not too appealing. The hefty price tag associated with headsets and hardware to provide a VR experience as a whole is simply too steep of a hill to climb.

As such, Redline VR in Ravenswood is trying something completely different. This gaming bar is betting everything on virtual reality. Users can still enjoy drinks and games as they would at a regular gaming bar, but the main focus lies on virtual reality. This venture is designed to make virtual reality accessible to newcomers and experienced gamers alike.

The bar will provide all the hardware necessary to unlock this virtual world. Moreover, they have the necessary space and the best location to combine these efforts with casual drinking. A curated experience on this scale is something no one has tried before, although that doesn’t mean it will be successful either. Redline VR’s owners are mulling to offer catering services alongside serving drinks depending on the success of this experiment.

Speaking of drinks, some of those offerings also have a virtual reality side to them. More specifically, once such a drink is ordered, the customer will be asked to put on a VR headset. They will then be presented with a spoken explanation of the drink, courtesy of J.W. Basilo a well-known comedian in the Chicago area. On the premises, users can also experiment with escape rooms and more traditional gaming experiences.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.