Waterloo Receives its Very First Virtual Reality Arcade

Virtual reality arcades are playing an increasing role of importance. These venues allow consumers to access VR technology at a much lower price compared to normal. In Waterloo, a new VR arcade has opened its doors as of late. It is another example of how VR arcades are shaping the future of entertainment.

Waterloo’s VR Arcade Opens Its Doors

Various virtual reality arcades have popped up all over the world in the past few months. Especially in the US and Asia, this business model is gaining major traction. Opening such a venue is not cheap, as it requires owners to offer a wide range of VR headsets and associated computers. For The Grid in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area, the upfront investment has been made a few weeks ago.

Three weeks after opening this VR arcade, the overall feedback seems to be rather positive. Users are offered headsets and handheld controllers to play a wide variety of different games. It is unclear if VR experiences will be added to this list in the future, but for now, gaming is the main priority, for rather obvious reasons. Catering to as many people as possible will be the number one priority, for the time being.

It is also the first virtual reality arcade to open its doors in the Waterloo area. Depending on how successful The Grid will be, other ventures and locations may attempt a similar business model moving forward. There is no real VR arcade in a ninety–mile radius, which means competition is a non-issue, for the time being. Even so, the business will need to keep evolving to remain ahead of the curve.

At The Grid, users can access two rooms. It is possible to enjoy solo gaming content or play together with others. ¬†Arizona Sunshine is by far the most popular game in co-op mode so far. Space Pirate Trainer attracts most solo players, for the time being. Various offerings tailored to children exist as well, which will be an integral of the venue’s business model for the foreseeable future. VR content can be accessed for $15 for 30 minutes or $25 for a one-hour session.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.